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half a quarter to now.

revisited writings pt. v

care about your soul

care less about yourself

don’t care about the gold

don’t care about the wealth

i found myself dipped a sense of depravity

with the weight of the world on my shoulders

i tip toed with gravity

i saw heaven cascading from the air

i saw the steps that led to glory 

but i couldn’t reach the stairs

these burdens I placed

got me all out of place

i aint seeking his face

Im only reaping his grace

and now these belts made of gold

is binding me by the waist

what once was my trophies

has now become my disgrace 

Lord in my searching 

I forgot what was found

i picked up these shackles

and wore them like crowns

now my neck is on the ground

and i’m starting to hear your sound

to help me to turn it all back around

you say…

care about your soul

care less about yourself

don’t care about the gold

don’t care about the wealth

revisited writings part iv

its our responsibility alone to become beautiful

my throats sore and i haven’t spoken a word.

my actions have been speaking singing unto the chords

of a life song of deliverance with an eternity sure


the words are the same but the feelings isn’t

and what i see is the same but my vision isn’t

i’ve been asking harder questions

relearning my own lessons

revisiting old memoirs running into blessings

seeking for the truth

like it was a concealed weapon

and satan was at my door

looking for me to release his aggression 

everything that blings isn’t diamond

and everything that sings aint something you need to chime in

i’ve been starving violent

and feeding vibrant

i don’t want glory, i just want greatness

and you don’t need a cape to fight wrong

just know your fight song

and fight on

even when the fight’s long

(Source: dvngt)

life manifesto.

i want to challenge people to uplift themselves and their thinking.

i want to inspire people in the most honest pursuit of truth and purpose

i want to love others

and show the evidence of it

i want to encourage the hardship of the righteous and beautifully broken

i want to further myself

i need to further myself

i have to share my motivations

boldly, i will preach

humbly, i will live 

i’ll be the change i desperately want to see

i will be committed

i will not quit

i will search for truth like silver

and wisdom as hidden treasure

but in my searching i won’t forget 

what’s already been found.

i will not be silent

no longer will I ignore the questions

no more will I withhold the answers

i am a leader.

even if only I’m leading myself

i will preach.

(Source: dvngt)

Laziness is not rest; it does not prepare for work. It only prepares for more laziness. The laziness grows, along with frustrated desire. Douglas Wilson : ‘Future Men’
p.64 (via consciouslysam)

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