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The exaggerated respect given to those in positions of governmental power is especially strange when we remember that, in theory at least, we the taxpayers are the employers, while those in government are our employees, or ‘servants’. Yet how many employers address their hired help as ‘Sir,’ or ‘Your Honor,’ or ‘Mr. President’? Did you ever try to get an appointment with one of you ‘employees’ in government? Did you ever try to fire one? Since when are ‘employees’ allowed to determine their own salary? Something is amiss here. Isn’t it possible that politicians and bureaucrats are not the ‘public servants’ they claim to be? Considering that we must pay homage to them, that we must deal with them at their convenience and on their terms, and that they have the power to slap us in jail if we disobey their wishes, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that we are ‘political servants’? In other words, we must serve the politicians; we must give them money and obey their commands. To say, under these conditions, that politicians and bureaucrats are our servants, is surely one of the worst frauds ever perpetrated on mankind. None of the Above: Why Non-Voters Are America’s Political Majority
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